Assoc. Prof. Van-Thanh Tran 2018-05-15T03:35:23+00:00

Assoc. Prof. Van-Thanh Tran, Ph.D.

My main division in research is the application of new drug formulation technology to design and develop new drug delivery systems. When I was PhD student, I focused on how to release all the active substance from the biodegradable polymer microspheres. This research leads to new polymer and this polymer has been registered for copyright protection. At the same time, I also researched to help stem cells live and differentiate into other cells in the body. In recent years, at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, I studied the drug carrier systems such as micro-emulsion, floating granules in the stomach, in situ gel for the eyes. The micro-emulsion system is currently being used for turmeric oil, curcumine or gentamicin. I also researched to increase the solubility of the poor soluble active ingredients. Recent major research directions have been micro-emulsion formulations, nano-structured formulations (liposomes, crystalline), and new variants of each rope (floating nuggets, extended release tablets). , micro gel emulsion).